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Up to 15$ - 22$
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38$ - 46$
55$ - 65$
140$ - 180$
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Prices vary based on available time and level of detail requested. Individual requests will be delivered within a reasonable time frame unless an emergency arises. Faster delivery available with higher charge.

I AM CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR WORK. All art provided by the artist is usable for personal or commercial use. The client is entitled to ownership of all final artwork created during the project upon full payment of the agreed fee through Paypal (yaomon18@yahoo.com OR paypal.me/KyleYSun) or other agreed methods.

A non-refundable down payment of 50% of the agreed fee is required before work commences. The remaining 50% is payable to the artist upon completion of the project, and before original un-watermarked artwork is supplied to the client. If the project has started, but client communication stops for a period of 14 days, the project can be cancelled by the artist, and ownership of all copyrights shall be retained by the artist. Additionally, all works created during the project not used by the client in the final project have their rights retained by the artist.

Should the client wish to cancel/terminate the agreement and discontinue any work in progress, the client must notify the artist immediately. Hours worked to that point will be charged. In the case of cancellation/termination, outstanding charges are required to be paid within 7 days of the issue date. The final product will not be entitled to any further modifications once it has been sent to the client.

Any requests for large scale edits or modifications after the initial sketch has been approved will incur extra charges. For animations, each key frame will be charged as an additional sprite of that size and each in-between will be charged at a portion of the base price. Discounts considered on bulk commission ($500+). Negotiations also for special cases such as repeat clients, particularly interesting projects, etc. Rates may vary depending on time available, approximate prices are listed. Revenue share may be considered if done alongside regular payments.

By contacting me for a commission, you agree to the terms of service. Thank you for your time!