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Hello! I am a 22-year-old computer science major.
I play games. I develop games. I draw. I program. You probably already know all that from looking at the rest of the website, so what else is left? I would be lying if I said I have realistic expectations and goals. Afterall, I find no fun in life without some absurd, overly-ambitious dream to clamor after. Of course, I'm not promising to 'change the world' or 'take mankind forward into the next step of evolution' or 'become the unwavering cornerstone in the castle of progression that will be built into the very fabric of history starting from today', but I do believe that something more can be done with games. Our world is far from perfect. Messages relayed through various mediums is a great way to do something about our society's shortcomings. There is no better medium to impact an audience than games. That is where I am headed, using games as a bridge for understanding and hopefully I can do a little bit to make this world just a tad better. Plus games are awesome and really fun to make and play! :)